The Missing Link to You and Your Partner's Ideal Body

Look I get it, your man is a stud.  The two of you have five hour sessions and only take a break to get the edibles out of the fridge.  Your woman used to run track, so she's used to endurance training.  Her marathon bedroom life is no worse than the rigors of training for her next meet.  But slow down there Casanova and Cleopatra.  While intercourse with your loved one has many benefits of its own, there is one glaring thing you might be sacrificing in your late night shenanigans.


While there are many active theories out there, we have yet to really nail down why exactly humans, and all animals in general, need sleep.  While the cause may not be known, the benefits and detrimental effects of sufficient and inadequate sleep are well documented and have a pretty profound deleterious effect on your health.  I want to list 4 quick benefits to sleep.

Curb Inflammation

Inflammation is linked to stroke, heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure.  But it's also linked to the swelling you get when you have a minor injury.  Sleep is a time for your body to heal itself and rebuild it's protein after your work outs.  Make sure you get enough (6-8 hours) in order to recover properly.

Better Performance

A Stanford study found that athletes who tried to sleep at least 10 hours a day improved their average sprint time and experienced less daytime fatigue and more stamina.  All great news for your workouts as well as your love life.


Weight Loss

When you get sleepy certain hormones increase in your blood, these same hormones drive appetite.  By getting an adequate amount of sleep, you can curb your hunger.  Furthermore, if you are asleep, there is simply less time for you to eat.  A University of Chicago study found that those folks on a diet and weight loss program who got adequate sleep lost more fat, while those who were sleep deprived lost more muscle.  Again this speaks to the regenerative nature of sleep and how it helps us recover.  It also helps regulate your blood glucose level and the hormones that cause you to feel hungry and full.

Lower Stress

Getting adequate sleep will decrease the hormone that causes stress, which will cut back on your overeating and limit your propensity to be an ass.  Your significant other will like you more, your friends will like you more, and you will enjoy life more.

So there you have it.  Get in all the night time activities your heart's desire but make sure to set aside time for that magic 6-8 hour sleep to truly maximize your health and live your best life now.  So comment below, are you getting enough sleep?  If not, what's stopping you?



National Heart Lung and Blood Institute