How a Multivitamin Could Save Your Life

I once conversed with a former boss about her experience recovering from eye surgery.  When she went to the doctor for her post-operation visit he was troubled.  A part of her eye was healing too quickly creating too much scar tissue.  When he inquired further, he found out she was taking a multivitamin and told her to temporarily stop.  The nutrients in the multivitamin were speeding along the healing process faster than they wanted.

A common phrase I hear from people is that they don't believe in multivitamins (as if they were expecting them to show up in the Bible!)  Most of the reasoning I hear and read is that the nutrients in multivitamins are dead, you don't absorb all of the nutrients, or that these nutrients are better absorbed via real food.  In this post I'm going to make the ultimate case for why you need to be on a multivitamin today.

The Study

The largest and only randomized multivitamin trail ever conducted on healthy individuals - the Physicians' Health Study II trial - followed 14,600 incredibly healthy physicians over 11 years.  Here were the conclusions:

  1. A multivitamin modestly reduces the risk of cancer in men, including those with a personal history of cancer and those with an outstanding diet and lifestyle
  2. If modestly reduces the risk cataracts
  3. It corrects some nutritional insufficiencies or deficiencies
  4. It is heart safe (even heart healthy)
  5. Its side effects were no different than a placebo

And those are just the things they tested for!  Cancer will soon overtake cardiovascular disease as the leading global killer and cataracts is the most common cause of blindness in the world.  If spending a few pennies a day can reduce the risk of cancer or cataracts even modestly, isn't it worth it?

Nutrient Deficiencies

At TVN, we encourage you to get as many nutrients as you can through food as they do absorb better.  We encourage you to to use our supplements to fill in the gaps.  It is true that nutrients in food are more bioavailable than in a multivitamin.  That is why our multivitamin is formulated by our expert nutritionist and scientists to contain more than 100% of the daily value of many key nutrients!  We also include extracts of 42 fruits and vegetables.  Also, the suggested use includes the suggestion to take this vitamin with a meal to maximize absorption.

Did you know that many prescription drugs you may be taking lead to the reduction and absorption of some nutrients?  Did you also know that certain diets, like the vegan diet, lead to a deficiency in key nutrients like zinc, B12, and vitamin D which can all be found in our multivitamin?

To Conclude

For me it's a no brainer.  I've been taking a multivitamin for years and now that we've launched Valley Vitality I know I'm taking the best multivitamin I ever have.  It has all the nutrients you need to ensure all of your bodily functions happen as they should, and helps maximize your chances of avoiding disease in the future.  Click the link below and order your bottle today.