6 Ways to Increase Your Veggie Intake

Results come from 100% commitment, 80% diet, then everything else.  Somewhere during our fitness journey we’ve all heard this.   Well guess what?  It’s true!  A high quality diet tapered to your health and fitness goals is the key to optimal daily function and performance.

Eating a well balanced meal was a hurdle I had to overcome but eating veggies was an even bigger hurdle. Vegetables are one of the most important staples of a high quality diet. It's recommended that one should consume at least 5 servings a day.  Vegetables are packed with phytonutrients and contain so many health benefits that we don't even comprehend them all.

“Do I have to eat salads every day?” “But I don’t like the way they taste”

How can you overcome those bad memories of unpleasant taste, texture, and nutritional boredom?  Try these six methods to become one with your veggies:


1) Drink Them

You have the option of Juicing or making a nice smoothie.   Adding fruit to a smoothie can help reduce or neutralize harsh flavors.  Juicing has the same benefits as making smoothie but you'll miss out on the fiber.

2) Stuff them

Usually baked and served, they can be stuffed with other vegetables, meat, nuts sauces and beans.  Not only do you have a variety of stuffing but a  variety of veggies to stuff: stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage leaves, stuffed zucchini , sweet potaoes just to name a few.

3) Substitute them

For the taco lovers, lettuce wraps are a healthier way to go.  This dish is versatile you can add a Mexican twist and even an Asian twist just by mixing and matching toppings!  There are also substitute for the pasta lovers. Thin sliced Zucchini and summer squash can make for a great pasta dish.  Also scraping the inside of roasted spaghetti squash can make perfect noodles

4) Mash Them

Are you a lover of mashed potatoes?  If so try mashed cauliflower or sweet potatoes in place of your usual mash.  As you would regular potatoes boil them then add different spices can kick the flavor to another level.

5) Eat them for breakfast

If you like eggs add them to your pan for a nice veggie scramble or put them in your omelette.   Bell peppers, onions, asparagus, spinach, artichokes, tomatoes, garlic go great with eggs.

6) Have a salad

A Salad?  Yes a salad!  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole meal, you can have a salad as a side, an appetizer , or even a snack.  When eating at home or eating out have a nice salad as an appetizer or sub out a side dish with a hearty salad. If you’re going to have one as a meal try prepping your salads in a jar.  Place your dressing on the very bottom add your choice of protein then your toppings, and end with your choice green leafys at the very top. Try choosing a vinaigrette dressing.    When it’s time to eat, flip the jar on to plate and enjoy.

Get creative, think outside the box and aim to make veggies your best friend! 

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