5 Surprising Benefits to Sweating

You learned in your 4th grade biology class that sweat is used to cool your body down when it begins to overheat.  It is basically a mixture of water, salt, and potassium.  But sweat has many more benefits that you may not be familiar with.  Read on to find out more.

1. Detox the Body

The most important additional benefit of sweating in my view is to detox the body.  Sweating can help rid your body of harmful chemicals like BPH and EDHP.  Alcohol, THC from marijuana, salt and cholesterol are all also expelled in sweat so you delinquents can get rid of that hangover and pass your next drug test.

2. Prevent Illness

Sweat has a natural antibiotic that can kill viruses living on your skin like the common cold and tuberculosis.

3. Clear Skin

Sweating opens up your pores, similar to a hot towel after a shave.  Opening up your pores leaves them primed and ready for a good cleansing.  Further, the antimicrobial properties mentioned before can kill bacteria living on the skin helping to keep your skin clear of pimples.

4. Better Mood

While sweating itself doesn't help your mood, the physical activity that leads to sweat releases endorphins (you know that hormone that makes you feel happy).  Sweating is a good indicator that you are getting enough physical activity to release this "happy hormone".

5. Prevent Kidney Stones

Sweating makes your body demand more hydration.  This constant recycling of fluids helps keeps your kidneys flushed of the salt and chemicals that lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Well that's it, the many benefits of sweating.  Just make sure that when you do sweat, you wash it off right away as it can do more harm that good if left on the skin.  Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@StClemento) and subscribe to your youtube channel: https://goo.gl/C5tXyO

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