5 Fun Workouts For You and Your Partner

We all want to look our best for our significant others (I hope!).  Ideally you would like to work out together, but sometimes schedules or motivation don't match.  Below are four movements that you and your partner can do together anytime, anywhere, and without any equipment.  

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1. Squat Push Ups

Partner 2 should grab Partner 1's legs and place them on their shoulders.  Partner 1 will be in plank position.  Partner 1 will go down into a push up as Partner 2 goes down into a squat, making sure to keep perfect form.

2. Push Up and Squat

This is a tough one!  Partner 2 will stand on Partner 1's back right in the middle staying off the spine.  As Partner 1 goes down for a push up, Partner 2 will go down for a squat, making sure to keep perfect form.  Good luck!

Hello, World!

3. Body Sit Ups

Partner 2 wraps their legs around the abdomen and waist of Partner 1.  Partner 2 performs sit ups going all the way down and all the way up, while Partner 1 holds them steady.

4. Sit Up and Squat

Partner 2 gets onto Partner 1's shoulders facing forward.  Partner 2 does a sit up while Partner 1 holds onto their legs.  Then Partner 1 executes a squat making sure to keep perfect form.  Enjoy!

5. Partner Squat

Partner 2 get on Partner 1's back.  Make sure you grip tight!  Partner 1 will go all the way down in a perfect form squat.  Good luck.