3 Easy Changes To Get Pool Ready Quickly

Has it happened to you yet?  That first pool party of the season where everyone disrobes and the full weight of the consequences of your poor eating all winter hits you like a MAC truck?  When you see your summer competition for bae and you realize you're about as prepared as this guy.

First, in the immortal words of Latina songstress Christina Aguilera, you are beautiful no matter what they say.  Inner beauty is the most important part of your total package and don't you ever, EVER, forget it.  Second, I know things may seem bad, but fear not.  Most bodies can change fairly quickly with the right help and discipline.  Especially if you get rid of the worst of your habits first.  Below I'm going to outline three things you can do without much effort to make sure you have a better showing at your next pool/boat/beach shindig.  

1. Drink Your Liquor Straight

Vodka cranberry, jack and coke, and tequila sunrise all do a great job of masking the burn of alcohol, and all do a great job of converting their sugars straight into belly fat.  At the end of the day if you were looking for a great tasting drink you would grab a Sprite.  What you're really looking for is to get tipsy or beyond, and you don't need the cocktail for that.  Cut out the sugar, and drink the alcohol straight or watered down with some water or club soda.  It may not taste as good but the affect will be the same, and you get to cut out unnecessary calories in the process.

2. Find Cardio Where You Can

Look I get it, we don't all have the time, or the will, to commit to a full workout six days a week like yours truly.  But, contrary to what you might think, you don't to need to get 30 minutes of intense cardio everyday to see gains (though I would highly recommend it).  You can start by doing the little things like taking the stairs at work or your apartment when you only have a few flights to go.  Take a walk at lunch or mid afternoon when you're at work instead of sitting sedentary in the cube all day.  Park far away from the front entrance when you go to the store so you can burn those few extra calories walking up.  Every incremental calorie you burn is one fewer calorie being stored on your body as fat.

3. Drink More Water 

For those of you who are in shape, but you still have that layer of fat covering those well defined abs of yours, I have some good news for you.  That layer of fat, may not actually be fat.  That layer might be a collection of electrolytes (sodium) being stored in your belly.  The way you flush that out is simple: drink more water and sweat more.  I'm sure you've noticed that when you sweat it tastes like salt, those are those electrolytes coming out through your pores.  Drink more water, sweat more, and limit your sodium intake and it will cut down on the amount of water weight you retain, and let those great looking abs you worked so hard for shine through.