3 Reasons Your Weight is Important for a Happy Marriage

When we think about our weight loss goals, we often see them as vain, personal pursuits that we want to pursue to make our lives better.  As such, it can be easy to dismiss our workouts or supplements when the issues of life and family interrupt.  In this article I wanted to give you a different perspective, and show you how your weight loss goals can actually be an expression of your love for your spouse and family.

1. Being Overweight is Expensive

Being overweight is often a symptom of metabolic disease, a disease with many health complications including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and several other conditions.  If you don't take care of yourself now, it will be up to your spouse to take care of you when you can't.  As someone who used to work in the health insurance industry, I can understand how expensive doctor and hospital visits can get when these issues crop up, and health insurers are constantly looking for reasons to not have to pay claims related to obesity.  Not only is it expensive, but if any of these conditions sideline you from work, that will amount to lost income that your spouse will have to pick up the slack for. If you start working toward your wellness goals now, it could mean thousands of dollars saved in the future that can go to that second honeymoon you and your spouse have been dreaming about.

2. Being Overweight Can Decrease your Lifespan

We've all seen those stories of those 90 year old couples who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.  What do you say when a story like that comes across your screen? "Aww!"  We all want our love to last forever, but that's not going to happen if your obesity leads to a premature heart attack.  Or worse yet, if your poor health leads to your spouse having to become your caretaker before your time.  Do both of yourselves a favor, and take every preventative measure you can to keep it from coming to that.  Exercise, eat right, and maintain a healthy weight today so you can continue to enjoy your spouse and your children tomorrow and for years to come.

3. Healthy People Have Better Sex

Now I'm sure you have a partner who says they love you just the same no matter how you look, and while I'm sure that's true, I am also sure they would enjoy you a whole lot more if you were in shape.  I mean let's face it, sex is one of the best parts of marriage.  Those priceless moments of intimacy are something you can only share with your spouse.  If you love them, wouldn't you want to maximize those moments as best you can?  If you took off the excess weight and got into shape, I guarantee you, not only will you look better naked, but you will get the stamina to make those moments last, and last, and last.  

Losing weight is not just a selfish pursuit of vanity.  Getting in shape is not just a new years resolution.  It is an act of love you do for your spouse and your family.  An act that will pay dividends for the duration of your marital bliss.  If you need some help getting started, below you will find a link to our most popular fat blocker, Garcinia Complex endorsed by Dr. Oz.  Order your bottle and start your weight loss journey today.  And as a special for "Marriage is Bliss" members, until April 16th, we are offering half off all orders.  Just enter the promo code "APRILWEDDING" at checkout.