The Secret Antidote to Your Sugar Addiction: Part 1

I know, I've railed against sugar in this blog quite a bit (and I have plenty more to say).  I have to apologize to all of my sugar cane producing Hawaiian brethren back at home for it, but I'm here to help you all I'm sure they will continue to prosper.  But with any problem, there is a solution, and today I'm going to reveal the secret antidote to your sugar problem.  Are you ready?  The answer is fiber.  I know you may have been expecting some mystical Hawaiian fruit extract, but like so many questions the answer here is simple.

Be More Human


How It Works

Unlike the fat, protein, and carbs that you're so familiar with, fiber actually is not digested or absorbed by your body.  It pretty much passes through your system unchanged, as if you're eating grass (pretty similar actually).  I'm sure you're wondering why you should continue to eat it if your body can't even make use of it.  To understand that answer you have to understand the purpose for fiber.  Fiber coats our whole grain foods (think popcorn kernel, brown rice, skin on a fruit) and it takes time for your digestive system to strip away this coating during digestion.  This slows the rate of digestion of your food which in turn slows the rise of your blood glucose and lowers the peak at which that sugar (carbs) hits your liver.  Ultimately all of this helps you create and store less fat, especially the harmful fat that gathers around your organs, and helps you maintain balanced insulin levels to hold off diabetes.  It also helps you to feel fuller faster, so you will generally eat less.  When we refine foods (white bread, white rice, pasta, etc), we strip away this fiber and once it's gone it can't be added back.  When you eat sugar and carbs without fiber, your liver is getting the full blow of the carbs in one uppercut, and that is slowly killing it.

Be More Human

Where To Get It

So that's it, that's the secret.  Tada!  Sorry it isn't more exciting, but I told you in this post that you need to give up the dream of eating for excitement anyway.  Your life will end up much more happy, healthy, and exciting anyway if you can achieve your ideal body.  I'm sure you're wondering what are good sources of fiber, especially fiber that tastes good.  Instead of making a large list of fiber rich foods, I will just tell you as a general rule, to eat real food and eat it as close to its natural state as is reasonable.  This includes fruits, vegetables, and grains in their original form (brown rice).  Be wary of things like cereal and different "energy bars" that claim to be whole grain.  The standard for listing yourself as whole grain by the USDA is pretty low.  I have much more to say about this, but this blog post is getting a little long in the tooth, so for now, happy eating.

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