Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

For years I struggled with this concept.  Throughout my 20's I worked out regularly, had some of the most rigorous, brutal ab routines, and yet and still I could not consistently get that pool ready six pack so many of us are looking for.  Finally I had to face a truth, one that I knew in my heart for so long, but was previously unprepared to admit to my stomach. If I wanted to have abs I was going to need to fix my diet.


That guy up there, that's me.  This was at a time where I ate good, not great, and worked out pretty consistently.  My breakfasts consisted of oatmeal and OJ.  For lunch I was just as likely to have nachos as I was to have grilled tilapia and spinach.  Dinner might have been Chipotle (yea I know the guac is extra just put it on!).  

This is me now, after quite a few drinks and a gluttonous trip through the slap-yo-mama-good buffet at the Cosmo in Vegas .  Making the changes wasn't hard.  The biggest hurdle was the mental shift required.  See the following blog for tips on that: http://www.tvnutrition.com/blog/2015/4/7/three-mental-shifts-you-need-for-a-healthy-lifestyle.  But in general if you're getting ready for summer, what you're going to want to do is focus on the fiber.  Make sure you get a healthy amount every time you eat.  Some fiber rich foods include: dark leafy greens, most fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, oatmeal, whole wheat bread (real whole wheat bread), popcorn, and peanuts.  I usually just include a bed of spinach with lunch and dinner and call it a day.  Other than that, make sure you're getting your lean proteins, like chicken and fish.  Remember protein is active tissue, and will burn your fat even at rest.

Do your best to avoid the stomach killers, which would include anything high in sugar, simple carbs (white bread, white and fried rice), and items with saturated fat (see fried food).  Coming soon we will be posting some meal plans, including my own personal meal plan if you just want to follow along and see where that gets you.